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The NCCC Viewers’ Choice Contest is back!

Vote for your favourite NCCC 2016 videos and stand a chance to win attractive prizes like a 2D1N staycation at an eco-friendly hotel.


The judges have made their choices, now it’s your turn! That’s right, the National Climate Change Competition (NCCC) 2016 Viewers’ Choice Contest is now open for voting!

Simply head to  and vote for your favourite videos on the Climate Change SG Facebook page.

Voters stand a chance to win prizes such as movie gift vouchers, a solar portable charger, a kick scooter and a 2D1N staycation at Siloso Beach Resort.

Each voter is allowed to cast one vote for each of the category per day. Voters earn one point for every vote they cast – so the more you vote, the more points you earn and the higher your chances of winning!

And here are our 15 shortlisted videos selected from over 200 entries received for NCCC 2016:

Primary Schools Category

PGPS Eco Rangers, Punggol Green Primary School

Video Title: The Future is in Our Hands

Watch this spoof on how Singapore residents are responding to weather changes due to climate change and how each of us can play a part for a better future.


Planet Saver, Marsiling Primary School

Video Title: Letter to Adik

Elder brother Abang writes a letter to his “unborn” brother on how he pictured Singapore to be in 2030.


Enviro Champions, Juying Primary School

Video Title: Vision 2030

A boy in the present gets transported to the sustainable future. He is brought around by his animal friends to see how Singaporeans can live in a climate-friendly city.


CHIJ (Katong), CHIJ (Katong) Primary School

Video Title: Our Future, Our Singapore 2030

Experience the imagination and creativity of the team in their interpretations of how a climate-friendly Singapore will be in 2030.


Gifts of Nature, Punggol Green Primary School

Video Title: Climate-friendly SG2030: It Begins from the Heart…

Little boy Febregas paves the way for a climate-friendly future with his favourite bag and weird inventions.


Secondary Schools & Junior Colleges Category

Noobcake, Nanyang Girls’ High School

Video Title: Singapore 2030: A Climate-Friendly City

Join the bat Ray who has been living on Saturn in a learning journey to the climate-friendly Singapore on Earth.


Leanne Choo, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

Video Title: Change for the Better

Learn the ways each of us can do to create a low carbon and resilient Singapore.


MSHSxMDMC, Maris Stella High School (Secondary)

Video Title: A Gift from the Future to the Past

A gift from the future How Min to his present self makes him change his ways to become more climate-friendly.


Bluefingers, CHIJ Katong Convent

Video Title: The Never Ending Never Ending Cycle

Follow Coraline as she has the same conversations with an altered parallel version of herself in 2030, only to have changed the conversation one day with a different question.


Heatbusters, Raffles Girls’ School

Video Title: A Greener Singapore, A Happier Earth

Mrs Earth has caught a serious case of global warming. The visiting doctor has an idea – a complete overhaul of how we live our lives in order to have a climate-friendly Singapore.


Institutes of Higher Learning Category

Team YNC, Yale-NUS College

Video Title: Jo Jo’s Dream

Little boy Jo Jo describes his dreams of a climate-friendly Singapore to Ama on the way to school.


ITE West DAVP, ITE College West

Video Title: My Future, My Home

What it takes to go to “heaven” or “hell”?


AIIM, ITE College East

Video Title: Singapore 2030: A Climate-Friendly City

Watch this explainer animation for the highlights on how a climate-friendly Singapore may look like in 2030.


Lenney Leong, Temasek Polytechnic

Video Title: The Green Future

A short documentary on how Singaporeans can act better to help reduce carbon emissions by taking more public transport and embracing less consumerism.


Eco-films, Nanyang Polytechnic

Video Title: The Glimpse

What if a glimpse of the future might not be what we expected?


Cast your votes for your favourites now, and spread the word on climate change by sharing them with your family and friends! Voting ends on 22 September.

The final results of the competition will be announced on 4 November 2016 at a prize award ceremony.

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